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Temperature sensor K-type thermocouple, the manufacturer's supply is of excellent quality

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With the rapid development of industry, K type thermocouples, thermocouples, platinum rhodium thermocouples, armored thermocouples produced by manufacturers are more and more widely used in production, thermocouples have become one of the most commonly used temperature detection components in industry, which has high measurement accuracy, wide measurement range, simple structure, easy to use and other characteristics. We understand and analyze products through a variety of channels, and present a wide range of industry knowledge for the majority of users.

Then let's understand the temperature range and advantages and disadvantages of K thermocouples.

K type thermocouple material is mainly composed of nickel-chrome-nickel-silicon alloy, the nominal chemical composition of the positive electrode (KP) is: Ni: Cr= 90:10, the nominal chemical composition of the negative electrode (KN) is: Ni: Si= 97:3, it is a thermocouple that can measure higher temperatures with high cost performance, is the most commonly used thermocouple in industrial automation control. Due to its high temperature oxidation resistance, NicHCR - NicSi alloy can be used in oxidizing or neutral media. Therefore, this type K thermocouple can measure the high temperature of 1000 degrees in the long term, and can measure up to 1200 degrees in the short term. However, it cannot be used in reducing media, otherwise it will soon be corroded and damaged, in this case it can only be used for measurements below 500 degrees. It is much cheaper than the S-type thermocouple, its repeatability is good, the thermoelectric potential generated is large, so it is very sensitive, and its linearity is very good. Although its measurement accuracy is slightly lower, it can fully meet the requirements of industrial temperature measurement, so it is the most commonly used thermocouple in industry.

In summary, the K-type thermocouple has three main advantages:

1. Good straightness of thermoelectric motive force.

Good oxidation resistance below 2.1000℃.

3. In the splash metal thermocouple safety is good.

Type K thermocouple has the following four disadvantages:

1. Not applicable to reductive gas environment, especially carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other gases.

2. The thermoelectric motive force changes when compared with the precious metal thermocouple It's larger.

3. Errors will occur under the influence of Greem rot.

4. You're susceptible to the resume phenomenon.

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